4 Things That Guarantee Diet Success With Zero Time Commitment

You've been there right? You're motivated, you have a plan and you're ready to take on the task of losing weight and living fit! You start out with a bang – perfect! Everything looks good and you feel confident that this will be the time that you really stick to the plan and achieve that body you've always wanted. Suddenly, the unthinkable happens. You are presented with a challenge that you had not foreseen and your emotions run high. Because you're accustomed to feeding your emotions, your body takes over and you start to struggle with eating right and exercising. You skip that workout to deal with your challenge and that makes it easy to miss the next workout too. Then a day or two into the process those little food desires begin to mount and you find yourself thinking about the kind of foods that will certainly derail your diet and leave you once again dissatisfied. You try to resist the temptations, you try hard! Then life presents yet another challenge and that knocks your already shaky foundation right out from under you and you give in to every urge that has been pulling at you. Disappointed with your short-lived plan for fitness success you give up hope and revert back to your lifestyle of overeating and inactivity. Sound familiar?

We've all had times like this and I can personally tell you that all hope is not lost. Sure, losing weight and living fit takes time, it requires effort and it certainly requires discipline. However, there are a lot of things you can do to make the transition from sedentary and fat to active and fit! I want to share four of those things with you here. Many of these things you may already have some knowledge of; But have you used them as a tool? Using these four things as tools in your diet and fitness process will ensure your work is well done and you stand a much better chance of being successful over the long-term.

1. Sugar-free gum knocks out your sweet tooth!

So many of us chew on sugar-free gum at some point throughout the week. Why? Because it tastes great and it has no calories. Pretty cool! But do you use it often enough to really work for you? Sugar-free gum is a very useful tool to help you get past those temporary sweet food cravings that tend to pop up without notice. Sure there are a lot of ways to overcome hunger temptations, but the key here is convenience. Hunger desires often come on quickly and when you least expect it. Therefore, it is smart to have something to combat these cravings that is small enough to carry with you anywhere and at any time. Let's face it, pulling out a protein bar in your business meeting probably is not going to be looked up with great favor but no one will give you a second thought when you pop a piece of sugar-free gum into your mouth. This is a tool that so many physique competitors use when they are dieting for competition and trying to kill those sweet cravings. Try it, chew it as much as you need, use it as your tool. It works for the best physique athletes on Earth and it'll work for you.

2. Four letters: BCAA

Branched-chain amino acids are a great way to nourish your body while you are training hard and dieting for fat and weight loss. The best part is that branched-chain amino acids can be found in sugar-free flavored powders that taste quite good in my opinion. Much like sugar-free gum, these drinks will kill your sweet cravings while supplying your muscles with the building blocks they need to be healthy, strong and vibrant. Make it a point to mix a BCAA drink before each workout and just sip on it as you train. Not only will your sweet desires be crushed, but you will ensure your body is primed and ready for recovery as well.

3. Eat a lot of protein at breakfast and dinner

Protein helps your body feel satisfied. Proteins are a challenge for your digestive system and they keep it occupied for quite some time which helps keep your metabolism running in high gear. I often recommend that my clients eat very low (or no) carbohydrate and fat first thing in the morning and later in the evening. Still, your body needs nourishment and this should come in the form of high quality protein sources like fish, chicken, lean beef, whey protein and eggs. When designing meal plans for my online clients I use these foods in this manner so my client's bodies are satisfied, well-nourished and steadily losing weight. This method has worked for literally thousands of my online weight-loss training clients and it will do just as well for you.

4. Attach water intake to a common task

This method of guaranteeing diet success is actually a lot of fun. Think about your day and see if you can find something that you do about once every hour. It may be, driving to see a customer, faxing papers, changing classes at school or any number of things that you do during a given day. Take that task and attach your water intake to it. Water is absolutely essential to the dietary process. No matter what your fitness goal, drinking enough water is going to ensure faster, higher quality results. Most of the people I train who struggle with weight-loss also struggle with drinking enough water. By attaching your water intake to a common task that you perform daily, you will train yourself to think about drinking water every time that task comes around. I train a lot of people face-to-face as well as online so when I am working I keep a 20 fl. oz. glass on my desk at work. As soon as one client finishes, I go fill that glass up with cool refreshing water and slowly drink it until it's gone and then get right back to working. Try it, it's a lot easier than you might think and the results you will get from it are great.

So there you have it! Four very simple but highly effective things that you can do to guarantee your weight loss and diet goals are a success. Not one of these things require any extra time in your day, they can all be done at just about any time during your day without the least bit of inconvenience to you or the people around you.

My online personal training clients know how successful these four things have made them as they pursue the fitness lifestyle and you'll soon find that these four things will work just as well for you.

Source by Jared T Meacham

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