Nokia 2366i Cellular Phone Review

One of the cell phone models that are being offered by Verizon Wireless is Nokia 2366i. This is a sleek phone, with a flip top design and several beautiful features. The total weight of this phone model is 3.7 oz., It measures 3.20 inches high, 1.69 inches wide, and 0.94 inches thick. Nokia 2366i comes with T4 and M3 ratings in order for it to be compatible with hearing aids. Its system provides TDD / TTY accessibility.

Important Features

The internal memory of Nokia 2366i is 1 MB, which allows maximum storage and connectivity with technology. It also features Bluetooth wireless 2.0 Technology. Its CDMA2000 technology makes connecting with other mobile phone users quick and easy. One of the most useful features of this mobile phone model is its GPS navigation system. It has a tool that you can use to organize the personal information within your phone. Its phonebook memory allows you to store a maximum of 250 contacts. Its alarm clock has a stop watch and countdown timer. Other nice features are its calculator and integrated calendar. You can also make use of its notes and reminders, which let you keep track of the things that you have to do.

Fun Features

Aside from the essential and useful features of the Nokia 2366i, it also comes with features that let you have fun with your phone. You can personalize your phone according to your mood for the day with preloaded wallpapers. You can also choose from several screen savers. You can assign polyphonic and MP3 ring tones for each of your contacts. To make this Nokia phone model more enjoyable, it has pre-downloaded games. If you want to add to these features, you can simply download from the web. You can add more music, games, themes, ring tones, wallpapers, and screen savers. The phone's capacity to download lets you fully enjoy its features.

Additional Features

Another one of the features of Nokia 2366i is its predictive text technology, which lets you type in text entries that are recommended by your phone's dictionary. Its 2-way messaging lets you receive and send messages. Nokia 2366i has a ringer ID, which lets you assign a specific ring tone for a contact. It also has a vibrating alert, which is suitable if your phone is in silent mode. It has voice features like dialing, voice recording, tags, and commands. The resolution for its internal display is 128×160 pixels, which offers a maximum capacity of 65,536 colors. The resolution of its external display is 96×65 pixels.

The Extra Services of Verizon Wireless

It is not only the great mobile phone selection that makes Verizon Wireless a well-known network service company. Its extras and perks make a lot of people want to choose it from the other service providers. Aside from the basic plans, you can also get additional services from Verizon. One of these is its music plan, which is appropriate for mobile phone models that are capable of playing mp3 music or those that come with integrated music library. Verizon also offers downloadable games to its subscribers. You are also offered with video recording and streaming capabilities. One of which is being able to watch online episodes of your favorite television shows.

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