Getting to Malaga

Malaga, the capital of the Costa del Sol has an excellent traffic and transport network. As the city and the major coastal resorts have enjoyed for decades a steady tourism, this has also extended very positively to the development of the transport services available in the area.

Nowadays you can reach the city within a few hours from a large number of European cities. There are at Malaga airport a great choice of airlines and it is possible in so far through the year to find good prices, be it for a long holiday, in the high or low season or for a short City Break.

There are many ways for getting to Malaga, I will review below:

  • The Malaga airport was recently expanded as part of an extensive extension of the transportation system and has now an additional terminal, the T3, with a luminous and light design, high ceilings and the latest technology to process a larger number of passengers. These can also spend their time a Plaza , while waiting for their flight and enjoy a wide range of some unique shops and restaurants.
  • As part of this renovation there are as well new direct access routes from the highway and a new transport hub for public transport, with bus stops and a new suburban train station by the end of the year 2010.
  • The suburban train in Malaga connects the airport with the center of Malaga and has two stops, one at the station Maria Zambrano and one near the city park, the Old Town and the port of Malaga.
  • The train station Maria Zambrano is also a new building, which opened in 2007. From here one has national and regional train connections and also the possibility to travel with the AVE high speed train to Cordoba in an hour or in two and a half hours to Madrid.
  • Next to the train station Maria Zambrano is located the bus station , which also has a very wide range of links to many smaller cities and towns along the Costa del Sol, in the province and other provinces. The bus is probably due to its numerous connections still the most widely used public transportation in the province, which also adds to the disadvantage that the buses are typically well filled with passengers and take extensive routes through many villas. If you want to escape this perspective, you have of course always the possibility of a rental car or private transfer.
  • The suburban train in Malaga runs from the airport as well along with some of the most important tourist resorts on the western Costa del Sol such as Torremolinos, Benalmadena and Fuengirola. Here, too, we have an efficient mode of transport. But if you want to avoid full wagons and waiting in the scorching sun, you are better off with the rental car companies at Malaga Airport. This also applies to passengers who have their destination further ahead of Fuengirola, as the suburban train only goes to this place; this applies to Marbella and Estepona, which are located further west on the Costa del Sol and are not ever within the radius of Malaga.

However, what all the places along the Costa del Sol have in common is the Autopista del Mediterráneo A-7, the large Mediterranean highway that runs from the north along the whole Mediterranean coast. This highway provides quick access to all the coastal towns of the Costa del Sol.

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