VA Home Loans in Today's Market

Many service men and women, along with their fellow Americans, are often asking themselves – when is the right time to buy a house? The common misconception seems to be that now is not the right time to buy. This is unfortunate, because that simply is not the case.

Contrary to what many people seem to think, it's a very good time for all Americans to buy or refinance their home.

The main reasons why it's a great time to buy are: Historically low mortgage rates, reduced home prices and an increase of bank owned properties. Veterans and active members of the military get to add another reason to their list – the VA loan.

The VA loan is one of the top benefits of military service and can be used to purchase or build a new home or refinance your current home in order to lower your monthly payment or make home improvements.

VA loans are one of the best loan programs out there because they almost always require no down payment, have flexible credit and documentation requirements and have a streamline refinance option, allowing service-members to lower their payment quickly with a reduced funding fee.

If you only look at the market, there is no question – the time is right to buy or refinance with a VA loan. But a lot of veterans and active members of the military are also asking themselves if the time is right for them on a personal level. This question is not as easy to answer.

If you're thinking about shopping for a home, make sure your life and finances are stable enough to commit to a home purchase. If they are, do not get discouraged by the home buying process. You may find and lose your first "dream" home. Do not worry – there will be another house out there that will meet all of your needs. If your life seems too hectic at the moment, that does not need to mean that you should not seek the stability that homeownership can bring. The right Home Loan Expert can help make the process easy and painless.

Only you will know if it's the right time for you to buy a home with a VA loan. Be sure to discuss all of your financial and personal reasons with an educated home loan expert. When it feels right, it usually is.

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